Welcome to J. Gisele, LLC

You've decided to celebrate a life event with friends and family and you want it to be FUN. You want to share a product or service, or host a party for clients and not bore everyone to death. You want to create these experiences in a venue that makes it even more special AND reduces stress. 

Basically, you don't want to lose your mind while trying to create something special. 

Let's be real, this stuff is STRESSFUL. It's never the "simple get together" or "small family gathering" we imagine before the logistics show up and dash those fantasies to bits. It's so MUCH that many people avoid it altogether and elope. Or cancel their conferences. Or skip the venue search and take over a local restaurant chain. Hey, appetizer sampler platters ARE pretty wonderful. It's science, really. 

I'd like to help you create the event you desire without all that stress. 

My name is Jessica. I am a Certified Event Planner, Small Business Marketing Enthusiast, and future Real Estate Broker. I am wife to an active duty Soldier, mother to four children, and I regularly continue my education in pursuit of a PhD. I've also had the honor of serving in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force Reserve for over a decade. Service is kinda my thing, and I plan to continue serving through my industry.

If it sounds like I have a lot going on, it's because I do.

My dream is to build an international events, marketing, real estate company using the experience I've gained over the last 14 years. My passions include working with visionary people, creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for other members of the military and veteran community, and designing beautiful events to provide a stress free experience. I also really love good food and the events industry has plenty of it. WIN. 

So, why should you work with ME? 

My military service and hospitality industry experience have equipped me with the knowledge and skills to build a successful business, but I am hardly a one woman show. The overwhelming amount of things I listed up there might sound like I don't sleep, but I have learned how to manage my time, network with other professionals, and implement systems to accomplish every single goal on my list. 

I can do the same for you.

I want to work with people who respect Love & Gratitude as much as I do. I want our time together to feel like a collaboration and not like a chore. I want to know about your relationship, your business, and who you are as a person to create something genuine. I also want to grow my already impressive network of clients, colleagues, and mentors with whom I can share my accomplishments and applaud their successes. And I LOUDLY and EXCITEDLY applaud the successes of others. Oh yes. I'm THAT friend in the audience. 

If any of this sounds like you, I'd love the opportunity to be your planner! If it turns out we're not a good fit to work together, I'd love to refer to you another professional who can help you with your needs. And if it doesn't sound like you, I am grateful that you visited my site and took the time to learn about me. 

Regardless of your option, you are sincerely appreciated.